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The mission of La Ligne is to support and encourage creative coding in all its forms. It acts as a mediator between artists, their works, exhibitions, and the public. Its primary interest lies in exploring connections between programming and image creation, while remaining open to all artistic disciplines such as design, sculpture, installation, animation, music, and dance.

La Ligne offers workshops with the goal of teaching and familiarizing participants with creative coding. Participants have the opportunity to learn and develop their programming and artistic creation skills while exploring innovative possibilities to express their creativity.

These workshops may target diverse audiences, including artists looking to integrate code into their practice, students eager to broaden their knowledge of creative coding, or enthusiasts interested in discovering the intersection of art and technology.

Workshops in educational settings are adapted based on the students’ academic levels, ranging from primary schools to high schools. They aim to stimulate students’ interest in programming and art.

These enriching educational experiences encourage pushing the boundaries of artistic creation by combining art and technology in an inspiring and thoughtful manner.

By offering these educational workshops, La Ligne plays an essential role in disseminating knowledge and democratizing creative coding, thereby contributing to nurturing and supporting artistic creativity in an innovative and accessible way.