Long Distance Drawing is a collective project centered around remote drawing, utilizing a plotter to execute the artwork.

Long Distance Drawing invites artists from around the world to exhibit together, transcending the boundaries between the internet, the tangible, and drawing. Visual works originate from programming languages, emerging from a creative code. The artist initiates the process, and then a machine executes the drawing. For this project, the machine is located in Amiens, France, while the artists are not physically present on-site.

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Plotter enabling remote drawing.

open call

The project is open to everyone, whether they are amateurs or professionals, and whether or not they already have a plotter.

The drawings will be exhibited at the Maison de l’Architecture in Amiens from April to May 2024 and will become part of the La Ligne association’s collection for future exhibitions.

All selected drawings will be traced by us with a black pen (Pigma Sakura) on white A3 paper, with ongoing documentation and the sending of photos.

Artists can submit their drawings in the form of SVG files to the following address:

Deadline for submission: until March 15, 2024. Only one drawing per applicant.


How do you trace the drawings?
We use an Axidraw A3 plotter with Inkscape or Saxi, adjusting the pen speed and force. A3 format, paper, and a black pen (Sakura Pigma Micron) are mandatory.

What are the selection criteria?
We will choose drawings based on their artistic quality, originality, and their connection to creative code. We require that the SVG be generated largely from code (JS, P5, P5JS, Python, etc.).

What is the theme?
No specific theme is imposed.

I don’t have a plotter, can I still participate?
Yes, absolutely! We take care of tracing all drawings with our Axidraw.

Can I participate with an existing drawing?

How many proposals can I submit?
We limit it to one proposal per person.

What happens to the drawings after the exhibition?
The prints will be preserved by the association.

What if someone wants to buy my drawing?
If you are open to selling the print, we will directly redirect the buyer (individual or institution) to you without taking any commission. If necessary, we will facilitate the handover, and a second print will be made by us to preserve the association’s funds.


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  • Raphaël Bastide
  • Claudio Dalla Bernardina
  • Sven Björn Fi
  • Stéphane Buellet
  • Domitille Debret & Quentin Creuzet
  • Diana
  • Julien Espagnon
  • Rémi Forte
  • Sarah Garcin
  • Julien Gachadoat
  • Jean-Michel Géridan
  • Timothée Goguely
  • Aleksandra Jovanic
  • Guillaume Lagarde
  • Jean-Noël Lafargue
  • Eric Lewiston
  • Swan Mouton
  • David Mrugala
  • Daniele d’Orazio
  • Virag Pazmany
  • Lionel Radisson
  • Ryo Sakamoto
  • Loïc Schwaller
  • Barry Spencer
  • Sander Sturing
  • Jessica Stringham
  • Stanko Tadić
  • Nicolas Tilly
  • Théo
  • Jos Vromans
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